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Tessie Lobon


Tessie Lobon is a  registered Physical Therapist with 24 years of  experience in rehabilitation and orthopedics and 20 years in personal  training. She has been involved in sports since she was 12 years old.  She was voted most athletic her senior year and excelled in  Softball, Basketball and Volleyball. In college she took karate and soon  held two medals in the Intercollegiate World Karate Championships in  Kobe, Japan. This was the start of her pursuit of fitness. Along with  her physical therapy license Tessie holds multiple fitness  certifications, International Sports & Fitness Trainers (ISFT),  Certified Senior Strength Trainer through the IWA, and a Advanced  Fitness Boxing Trainer to name a few. Working for South Miami  Hospital/Baptist Health Systems for 20 years gave her the passion for  helping people.  

Dennis Lobon


Tessie along with her husband Dennis left the corporate world to open  their own business. Dennis Lobon worked for major marketing and  advertising companies as a Art Director and manager for 20 years. The  corporate world has given Dennis skills that he applies to MSFC on a  daily basis to keep the club operating at high standards. Dennis is our  Boot Camp trainer. His fitness background includes studying functional  training at the Institute of Physical Art in Boca Raton, Florida. He  competed in Basketball, Spring Board diving and track at the collegiate  level. Being involved in team sports and fitness all his life made it a  natural transition to lead the boot camp classes. 

Susan Veingrad


Sue Veingrad has been a Personal Trainer  for 13 years. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1986 and is  certified by ACE, specializing in Senior Training (ADL's), balance  improvement, core strength and flexibility. Sue uses various functional  training techniques to accommodate each client's specific needs. Sue  also holds a TRX trainer certification and is a Johnny G cycling  instructor. 

Natasha Fairweather


Natasha Fairweather has been training in the South Florida area for 12  years. She is certified through ACE in Personal Training and Group  Fitness Instructor, along with AFFA Cycling Instructor. Natasha is a  Figure Competitor and enjoys teaching fitness/conditioning to  female soccer players. She challenges her clients to reach "their"  goa

Juan Gomez


  Juan Gomez has been in the fitness industry for 13 years. Juan holds an AA in Exercise Science and is certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). He is also a state Certified/Licensed Paramedic & Firefighter. Juan is currently finishing his AS in EMS and plans to pursue a nursing degree. Juan specializes in strength training and conditioning, he is also certified as a TRX trainer and an Advanced Fitness Boxing Trainer through the Boxing Fitness Institute. 

Julian Castro


With a career spanning 20 years in the  fitness industry, Julian adheres to the philosophy that achieving and  maintaining ultimate fitness is a life-long journey that requires  finding a proper balance of mind, body, and spirit. To help clients  achieve this, he incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to training  that brings together elements of functional training, strength training,  cardio, sports specific, Pilates, and Yoga, along with motivational  techniques that help bring out the best in his clients – both in the gym  and out. In addition to his training career, Julian has also served as  Director of Membership and Wellness for the YMCA of Greater Miami.  Certifications: ACE/YMCA Personal Training, ACE/YMCA Group Fitness,  Spinning®, CrossFit® LC1, Silver Sneakers Muscular Strength & Range  of Motion, YogaStretch®, STOTT PILATES reformer and mat. Education: BS,  MS, MBA. 

Jesse Freeman


  Jesse Freeman has been a Personal Trainer for 7 years. He is certified  by the National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).  Previous training areas include Physical Fitness Leader (certified for  the military), Unit Health Promotion Coordinator (military special  forces) and Bushi Ban (mixed martial arts). Jesse placed in the top 5%  of the South Florida Warrior Dash and was chosen to represent the US in  the reality TV series The Big 5. Jesse has experience training clients  at many fitness levels ranging from novice children and teens to  military professionals. Personal hobbies include alligator wrestling,  spear fishing, free diving  

William Desmond


William Desmond has been a Personal  Trainer for over 10 years. He is certified through ISSA and also works  as a firefighter/paramedic. Billy is currently finishing his nursing  degree. Being active in sports all his life has lead him to keep up with  the latest trends in fitness. He is an extremely knowledgeable  individual who acts as a catalyst in the transformation of the lives of  his clients. Billy is able to modify exercises to match anyone's ability  and fitness level.

Bradley Feller


 Bradley Feller has been a personal trainer for 18 years. He is certified  through the NSCA, and the NFPA as a personal trainer and a nutritional  counselor and also works as a firefighter/paramedic.  He has competed as  a natural bodybuilder and was the Natural Florida  bodybuilding  champion for several years and the second runner-up in the Natural  Universe Show.  Bradley uses various training techniques to accommodate each client's specific needs. Sessions focus on strength, flexibility, and endurance  and are customized to meet the specific training goals of each client.  Bradley's methods have an emphasis on safety and take into account the  age, fitness level and any existing or prior injuries the client may  have. He has experience training clients at many fitness levels ranging  from novice children to professional athletes. In his spare time Bradley  enjoys fishing, biking, and cooking. 

Elvis Calderon


Elvis Calderon is a professional body  builder in his native land of Venezuela. For more than 20 years Elvis  has been helping others reach their fitness goals. He is recognized by  the IFBB, is certified through ACE in  Personal training, Kettlebell  training, and Functional training. Elvis is also a licensed Massage  Therapist with a special emphasis in stretching. His passion in fitness  has gone beyond the physical into the functional and emotional. The  Miami Herald recognized him for being unique in the ability to help  children with special needs.

Adel Zaldivar-Perez


 Adel Zaldivar-Perez is a native of Holquin,
Cuba. Adel earned a BA in Physical Education and he studied under the  guidance of Manuel Fajardo at the Institute of Physical Culture. There,  he completed his certification in Sports Training Theory and  Methodology. Adel strives to help his clients achieve their personal  fitness goals. He holds experience with clients with special health  needs and those who specialize in sports and fitness competitions.  Adel's additional skills include experience in training children 5-12  years old in Judo. Adel holds a Black Belt in Judo and is certified in  Sports Massage. 

Gian Galbis


Gian Galbis has been a bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast since the age  of 17.  Gian's passion in fitness lead him to win his first  bodybuilding competition at 19 years old. He is certified by ISSA and  has studied under some of Florida's elite fitness experts. Each client's  specific goals are addressed and modified as needed on a regular basis.  Gian has experience training clients of all fitness levels. Sessions  will focus on strength training/muscle hypertrophy, cardio/ 

Bobby Cahill


 Bobby Cahill has been a certified personal trainer since 1989. He is  certified through ACSM and NSCA. He is a nationally certified emergency  medical technician. Bobby is also a State of Florida Certified Paramedic  and Firefighter. He holds certifications in pediatric advanced life  support and adult cardiac life support. Bobby is currently employed by  Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and holds the position of Lieutenant.
Bobby's clientele ranges from adolescent athletes to Division One and  professional athletes. He caters to each clients individual needs and  guarantees results with a safe, enjoyable, and effective routine. In his  spare time, Bobby enjoys coaching youth athletics. 

Herve Casimir


 Exercise and being physically active has always been a part of Herve's  life. He finds happiness in watching his clients push through and  succeed in the goals they set out to accomplish and considers himself  fortunate to be a part of that journey. Herve obtained an athletic  training degree from the University of Miami and is Crossfit Level 1  certified. He specializes in weight loss, injury prevention and  rehabilitation and sport specific training. He strongly believes in  stepping outside of your comfort zone to make significant gains.  Consistency and a positive attitude are a must. His training style can  be described as a mix of crossfit and the classics with the occasional  "extreme" challenge. He is patient but expects clients to work hard. His  training motto can be summarized in the saying,
"Think strong. Be strong" 

Jeanette Rivera


 Exercise science and the positive changes it can bring to a person's  life are the driving force behind Jeanette's training. She has obtained a  Master's degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, an  undergraduate degree in the field of Biological Sciences from FIU and  is certified with the NSCA (CSCS) and Crossfit Level 1. She strongly  believes that health is life. Jeanette specializes in weight loss,  injury prevention,strength and conditioning, one on one and small group  training. She uses a combination of Olympic weightlifting, functional  training, body building, metabolic circuits and endurance training in  her programming. Jeanette describes herself as passionate, honest, self  motivated, educated and persistent. Her training motto can bedescribed  as "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." 

Sebastian Maroli


Sebastian Maroli has over 25 years personal training experience and is certified with the World Fitness Association.  He was also an IFBB judge in Argentina for three years.

Sebastian trains different types of clients which include adults/children trying to lose weight, as well as athletes in soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball.  He also trains and coaches bodybuilding athletes in figure, physique and bodybuilding categories.  Regardless of the client’s specific goal, Sebastian can tailor the training to their individual needs.

Sebastian is dedicated to his clients and works with them to achieve results in short periods of time.  He believes his job is to be an educator so that his clients not only follow his instructions but rather “learn” how to correctly execute the exercises to help prevent injuries.   

Jeffrey Green


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (International Sports Sciences Association); CPR

Strength/Weight Training, Body Building, Functional Fitness, Circuit Training, HIIT, Weight loss, Custom Nutritional Planning

Individual, Group, Boot Camps

Teenagers, Adults, Children, Senior Citizens, Beginners

To educate and motivate.  Guide and support clients in their fitness journey to live their best life, feel good about themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

Favorite Philosophy: Know the limits of your client, but challenge them to move safely past them.

Born in South Florida, Miami-Dade County, 

Classically trained musician at some of the top music conservatories in the country and has performed all over the world as a solo artist and some chamber music groups

Active in track and field, cross-country, gymnastics and soccer throughout high school.